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These General Terms apply to your account with EP-TRADING.COM and to the purchases or subscriptions that you can contract on this page, and constitute a binding contract with EP-TRADING.COM and with the company that owns and is responsible for this website.



By accepting these General Terms during the account registration process or during subscription, or by accessing or using our Offers, you confirm that you accept these General Terms and your agreement to be part of this binding contract. If you do not agree, you have no right to access or use our Offers.

You agree to these Terms on your own behalf or on behalf of the company or other legal entity for which you are acting. You declare and guarantee that you have the right, the authority and the capacity to act on your behalf or on behalf of that entity, which will be bound by these conditions.



The ownership by EP-TRADING.COM falls on the company PC-RAPID INFORMATICA S.L.U., a company registered in Zaragoza (Spain) with C.I.F B50897362. Please review our Legal Notice for more details. Henceforth, all references made to EP-TRADING.COM are therefore extensible to its owner, PC-RAPID INFORMATICA S.L.U.



To purchase any product marketed by EP-TRADIING.COM, you will need to open an account. It will also be necessary to have an account if you request assistance related to a product purchased on this page.

It will not be necessary to open an account to subscribe to newsletters or to contact customer service, it will be enough to provide an email where you can receive the requested communications.


1 Account responsibilities

You are responsible for any person who obtains, accesses or uses your account.

You are also responsible for the security of your account and for all activity associated with your account. Please use strong passwords and do not share your passwords with third parties. If you suspect unauthorized use of your account, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You will ensure that all of your account information is, and remains, true and complete, especially billing information, as invoices tied to a subscription will be issued on time with the information in your account.

2 Account benefits

Your account is designed to provide you with a place for you to access and manage your account information and obtain rights to Software, web services and other benefits, including free benefits. Your account is designed to be accessible virtually anywhere, anytime via the web at

Your account features may include:

  • Login to ep-trading-com.
  • Management of your profile, security settings and preferences.
  • Management of your subscriptions.
  • Access to offers.
  • Access to downloads.
  • Access to technical support, learning resources and subscription news.
  • Subscription usage information.


EP-TRADING.COM is committed to protecting your privacy and informing you what it will do with your personal information. EP-TRADING.COM may collect, use, store and process personal information from or related to you. You can see what information we store about you and for what purposes. You can also request the deletion of your personal information, when its maintenance is not essential by legal imperative, because it is linked, for example, to a billing. You acknowledge having read and understood the Privacy Policy



All our products are marketed with the temporary subscription system. For some of these products, this subscription can be free and for an unlimited time (lifetime license). Others will be subject to periodic renewal.

The commercialization will be carried out through the web page EP-TRADING.COM, where it will be necessary to make a previous registration, providing the basic data for the issuance of the corresponding invoice. These data will be: Name and Surname, Address, Postal Code, City, Country and CIF (Tax Identification Code) or the equivalent in the user's country of origin.

Your subscriptions can include software or web services or a combination of both. To make use of some subscriptions it may be necessary for you to have an active account on other platforms. This fact will be reported in the product sheet, before completing the subscription.

Your subscriptions may also include additional benefits.


1 Benefits for subscribers

 Subscriber benefits may include, for example:

Technical support

Special discounts on certain products.

Access to forums, learning events, newsletters, webinars, galleries, and other exclusive educational resources.

Upgrade rights, or other additional software

2 Payment process.

Once you have decided to subscribe, you must complete the process by filling in the information requested. In the event that the chosen plan has a cost, you must choose the payment method that you consider appropriate.

Some of our plans may be offered with a free trial period. In that case, no charge will be made until this period has passed, and as long as you have not canceled your subscription before the trial expires.

During the payment process, you may be redirected to other external websites for processing.

EP-TRADING.COM does not store bank account numbers, credit card numbers or any other information related to the payment system you choose.

3 Subscription activation.

After the subscription is formalized, the buyer will receive a confirmation email.

When you subscribe to a plan, EP-TRADING.COM will generally provide you with access to the Offer through your account or, in certain cases, through a third party (e.g. In these cases you must manage your subscription with these companies outside EP-TRADING.COM, and may carry additional charges not outside EP-TRADING.COM.

Sometimes, it will not be necessary to make any disbursement, if our product can be used in the free versions of those platforms or websites outside EP-TRADING.COM.

Activation of the subscription may take some time, since it is done manually, and will be subject to the availability and hours of our staff. If you do not receive the activation email within 24 hours of signing up, please contact us again.

4 Subscription renewal

At the end of your subscription period, the products included in it will no longer be available. Certain subscriptions may have the option to automatically renew.
For some products, lifetime subscriptions will be available, not limited in time.
EP-TRADING.COM will facilitate the creation of periodic payments, so that the user does not have to be pending its renewal. This will be possible for the payment system by PayPal or credit card, if available. In case of opting for bank transfer, it will not be possible to automate this payment. EP-TRADING.COM will send email alerts when a subscription is about to expire.

A non-renewed subscription will be deactivated, whether or not the user is informed of the proximity of this expiration.


5 Business Returns (Refunds)

All of our products are marketed with a free trial period. During this period, the buyer has sufficient time to evaluate the quality of the product. If you are not satisfied, you can withdraw from your purchase without charging any amount.

After this free trial period, and if the user does not communicate his decision not to continue with the purchase, through the means provided by the website itself or by written communication by e-mail, EP-TRADING.COM will pass the charge that it corresponds. Returns will not be accepted after the free trial period.


6 Applicable taxes

The prices shown in EP-TRADING.COM do not include taxes. These are calculated once the buyer is identified, since they vary depending on the buyer's country of origin.

If the user acts on behalf of a company that has an Intra-Community CIF, he must provide it for the correct calculation of the corresponding taxes.


Changes in the terms and conditions of use

EP-TRADING.COM reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use in the future, being reflected on this same page.

If these changes affect an already established business relationship with the client EP-TRADING.COM will communicate by email the changes in the conditions and how they affect them. These changes will never suppose a reduction of the rights or conditions that the client already enjoys.

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Operates responsibly

Most investors lose money when they start trading. If you are not clear about your strategy, if you do not understand correctly the graphs, the indicators and how the markets work DO NOT OPERATE DIRECTLY.
All the opinions that you can see on this website are published for educational purposes, they are NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE.
You must make your own decisions, based on a coherent strategy and proper risk management, never follow advice from third parties.

Open a demo account

Before putting your money at risk, practice your strategies in a demo account

Never operate with capital that you need

Never borrow to invest, or invest money that you need to cover your basic needs.

Control your emotions

Never invest by hunches, or simply because the price is rising and you do not want to lose it. Find your strategy and your own emotional balance.

Properly manage your capital

Do not open positions with amounts that represent a high percentage of your available capital.

Dedicate time to your training

If you can not take your time to fully understand the operation of the market, better not invest directly

Do not get carried away by third-party opinions

Nobody can predict 100% the behavior of an asset. Never invest based only on the opinions of other investors.

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