This indicator is an almost essential complement for decision making, since it indicates whether there is a trend in the market and its direction. It will give us signals to enter the market and it will also show us the areas where it is better not to operate. The oscillator gives us clearer signals and allows incorporating them into automated strategies.

The color shown by the ADX will indicate if we should look for purchases or sales. The narrowing of the colored areas will indicate that a change in the movement of the price is likely to occur. In the oscillator, this narrowing is reflected in minimum values.

The time to enter the market would be when the oscillator crosses the horizontal. This will indicate that the buying force is intensifying.

Consult the manual for a complete description of all identified patterns and their interpretation. In the blog you will find many entries with examples of historical use and analysis with various assets and timeframes. This indicator is also present in our complete strategy (Strategy EP nº1).

This indicator should be taken as another support in the commercial decision, taking into account other indicators, supports and resistances, etc. Never make decisions using the signals given by a single indicator.




Pattern description:


Duration: 1 month
Price: 19,00€
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