Our indicators separately give very good signals.



Signals with a high probability of success on all timeframes. Clear display of trends and corrections. Configurable alerts in TradingView

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APPLE 3 min

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Its patterns show the areas where the price is more likely to reverse, the areas where we must accumulate purchases and the exit areas.


Simultaneously shows the price trend in the medium and short term, helping us to choose the best time to buy

EP Zenith

Clearly indicates the price trend at all times. His stockings show us buying and selling areas


Made from the classic ADX, it indicates the times when the trend is strongest, and the direction of this trend.
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Our indicators are only a help, the rest depends on you.

gestion de capital
gestión de capital

Capital management

An intelligent use of your capital will help you maintain your investment capacity. Never risk a significant percentage of your capital in a single operation
uso adecuado del stoploss
gestión del riesgo

Risk management

If you interpret our indicators correctly, you will be able to place a reasonable stop loss on each operation. Cut losing trades.
trading relajado
trading relajado

Relaxed trading

Avoid stress and high leverage. Search the shopping areas in periods of at least 1 hour. You can zoom in to make the purchase in shorter timeframes, but don't lose perspective!

posiciones progresivas
posiciones progresivas

Progressive positions

You can open new positions as long as the right conditions exist and you have protected your previous positions.  Keep your capital safe
proteger beneficios
proteger beneficios

Protect benefits

As your position advances, increase the level of your stop loss by securing benefits. Place it under a stand or at a distance from the price that prevents premature closing of your operation.
trading de alta rentabilidad
alta rentabilidad

Choose reliable assets

Look for stable assets, with a clear trend, and not too volatile. Excessive volatility can cause you losses even if you have correctly anticipated the price direction

Operates responsibly

Most investors lose money when they start trading. If you are not clear about your strategy, if you do not understand correctly the graphs, the indicators and how the markets work DO NOT OPERATE DIRECTLY.
All the opinions that you can see on this website are published for educational purposes, they are NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE.
You must make your own decisions, based on a coherent strategy and proper risk management, never follow advice from third parties.

Open a demo account

Before putting your money at risk, practice your strategies in a demo account

Never operate with capital that you need

Never borrow to invest, or invest money that you need to cover your basic needs.

Control your emotions

Never invest by hunches, or simply because the price is rising and you do not want to lose it. Find your strategy and your own emotional balance.

Properly manage your capital

Do not open positions with amounts that represent a high percentage of your available capital.

Dedicate time to your training

If you can not take your time to fully understand the operation of the market, better not invest directly

Do not get carried away by third-party opinions

Nobody can predict 100% the behavior of an asset. Never invest based only on the opinions of other investors.

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